Hello, my name is Darrell Saul and I’m a member of Powerlifting Australia. Over the years I have been making gym equipment for competitions, like bar lifters, bar holders, making weight plate racks and have made competition bench racks. I am also making a new and improved bench rack which will be both stronger and faster to use with chrome uprights.

I have also been fabricating industrial sheds, farm sheds and domestic sheds. All sheds are stronger and have GALV DIPPED trusses and UB Columns, open web trusses made with 2mm gauge web and at lest 3mm gauge cords.

As my business name suggests, these sheds and gym equipment are Everstrong, built and made tough. I have had 16years experienced in fabricating sheds and many years experience in making gym equipment.

My mission statement is to make quality sheds and gym equipment, made strong and better to use. Done right the first time, I believe in giving the customer the the best affordable competition equipment to promote powerlifting as a great sport for all ages and also sheds made strong to last.

I will be promoting my business to provide for nationwide market as well as for the export market too. My goal is to create jobs for communities in this nation and other nations as well. Change hearts to Change Communities to Change nations.

Please feel free to contact Everstrong.com.au or for a free free quote, please use my contact page, which can be found here.